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A 16 year old girl looks and acts like a toddler-no one knows why

This ABC news report ( covers the story of Brooke Greenberg.  Brooke is 16 years old, yet she looks like a 1 and half year old with a babys mental capacity.  Her body seems to be aging at different rates: her bone age is that of a 10 year old while she still has baby teeth.  Brooke has also mysteriously recovered from several dangerous illnesses: a brain tumor, a stoke, stomach ulcers.  Hormone treatment did not work with Brooke.

In the article, scientists say they are decoding the genes of Brooke to try to find a gene or set of genes different from other people.  One other problem Brooke could have is she may be making antibodies against human growth hormone or some other unidentified growth factor.  This would not be realized except with antibody-antigen tests: i.e extract Brookes blood and test it for antigenicity with known human proteins.  This may have been done already but the article makes no reference to it.

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