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Uri Alon’s advice to researchers

Researcher Uri Alon has written an essay in the September 24 issue of Molecular Cell about how to choose a research problem.  Some of Uri Alon’s advice for researchers (graduate students, post-docs and investigators) is:
1. A researcher should choose a problem that is interesting to him or her as this will aid in better science and a happier person.
2. Take time to think about a problem.  For example, in Prof. Alon’s lab, students and post-docs take at least three months reading, thinking and discussing a problem.
3. When things get difficult on a project, it is ok to try another project.
4. The lab environment should be one to nurture a student in all aspects and not treat a student as a means to an end.

This advice seems to be applicable to most laboratories and, from the experience of Bionomena researchers, should be widely applied.

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