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Pathway Projector: a new tool for exploring biochemical pathways

A research group at Keio University have developed a new software tool for exploring biochemical pathways called Pathway Projector.  The well-written scientific paper describing Pathway Projector was published on Nov. 11, 2009 in PLOS ONE.  The PLOS ONE paper also has discussion of other software tools for studying biochemical pathways.  Pathway Projector uses the KEGG atlas data.
The tool, which runs in a browser, is easy to use.  One can explore enzymes as well as metabolites as easily as clicking on the symbols or names for the enzyme or metabolite.  Clicking on a metabolite gives it’s structure as well as links to other databases.  Clicking on an enzyme gives a schematic of the reaction as well as links to other databases.  The image of the metabolite and reaction can be copied and pasted in an external application.  Another feature of this software is that one can browse the biochemical pathways by organism in addition to viewing a reference biochemical pathway.  Finally, Pathway Projector allows one to integrate one’s own data into it thus making it more flexible than other biochemical pathway software.  As for use, the pathways are well laid out with easy navigation and based on the Google Maps API and Quickmaps.

Corresponding author: Kazuharu Arakawa
Institute: Keio University

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