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Serine proteases reference spreadsheet

Serine proteases are proteins that can breakdown other proteins by catalyzing the hydrolysis of peptide bonds.   Serine proteases are evolutionarily diverse and occur in all classes of life.  The MEROPS database is a good source to find more information about proteases.  Serine proteases are so named because they share a common catalytic mechanism mediated by a serine.  Functions that serine proteases perform include food digestion, immune response and blood coagulation.

The serine proteases publication history consisting of the top 26 cited authors is shown in the Editgrid spreadsheet below.  The downloadable Excel 2007 spreadsheet (37 MB) contains a more complete publication history starting from 1957 with 14, 528 authors.  The data contained in the spreadsheet was obtained by running a SCOPUS search on the term ‘serine protease’ and includes both prokaryotic and eukaryotic proteases.  In addition, there are some references to caspases that usually arise due to the activation of granzymes by caspases.

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